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Upcoming San Francisco Bay Area Classes

Art Riggs Leading Massage Class

"I was so happy to put all my new skills to work. My first client was a old woman that just wanted a light relaxation massage. I did some work on her knees. She enjoyed having them worked on. But the next one was a construction worker who needed his ribs mobilized. He loved it and felt much better. The tips are up. Thanks again Art."
Joe L. C.M.T

"Your workshop was amazing in a life changing way. I learnt more than I could have hoped for and know that what you gave me, both in terms of massage and in terms of just spending time with you, will last me a lifetime. So, from as deep as I possibly can, I thank you – you are an exceptional person and I feel so blessed to have had the privilege to learn from you."

"I thank you for your inspiring teaching style and positive outlook and I look forward to possibly attending one of your courses in the future. Your work will have a far reaching positive affect for my existing and future clients and in this regard I salute you."
Andrew B.

"Thank you for having me and providing the opportunity to study with/learn from you. After your training I was left with some of the greatest gifts I have ever received from someone. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, expertise, kindness and loving light.
"You are a remarkable teacher and very gifted professional & human being. Thank you for sharing your wonder!
"Big love"


"Thanks again for the wonderful workshop. I'm incorporating some of what you showed us into my work, and have noticed that my hands never hurt now from massaging, which they used to. I'm looking forwarding to finding the time to read your book now, and am excited that there's so much to learn. Thank you, Art!"

Continuing education is an imperative component of being a successful massage therapist or bodyworker, and there are numerous classes and workshops available across the country to help working professionals stay informed on the latest in the industry. Below is a select list of advanced massage and bodyworks classes or workshops hosted by Deep Tissue Massage Manual author Art Riggs. Whether you are local to the San Franciscio Bay area or elsewhere in the U.S. or Europe, check the list of workshops below to find a massage class near you.

2015 San Francisco School of Massage Schedule

San Francisco School of Massage & Bodywork
Visit or call (415) 474-4600.

Deep Tissue Massage/Myofascial Release - Level 1

  • First Weekend: Saturday, Sunday & Monday;
  • Second Weekend: Saturday & Sunday; April 25 & 26; 9am-6pm

40 Credit Hours
Cost: $725 ($675 if registered 2 weeks in advance). Includes textbook: Deep Tissue Massage: A Visual Guide to Techniques by Art Riggs

San Francisco School of Massage & Bodywork
Visit or call (415) 474-4600.

Deep Tissue Massage/Myofascial Release - Level 2

  • First Weekend: Saturday, Sunday & Monday;
  • Second Weekend: Saturday & Sunday; December 12 & 13; 9am-6pm

40 Credit Hours
Cost: $675 ($625 if registered 2 weeks in advance). Includes textbook: Deep Tissue Massage: A Visual Guide to Techniques by by Art Riggs

2015 U.S. Classes

Portland, Oregon
East-West College of Healing Arts
Integrative Full Body Deep Tissue

Contact: 503-297-3800

Upcoming International Classes & Workshops


Bergen, Norway
Spinal Mechanics and Joint Mobilization Techniques

For more information:
Contact: Therese Hansen


Amsterdam, Netherlands
Deep Tissue Massage/ Myofascial Release-Level 2
For more information and to register, click here

Where: De Nieuwe Yoga School, Laurierstraat 109, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Contact: Michiel Kaemingk


London, England
Spinal Mechanics and Freeing the Ribs: Connecting Soft Tissue Work to Movement in the Core

For more information:


Copenhagen, Denmark
In-Depth Treatment for the Lower Limbs (Feet, Knees, Hips)

Contact: Linda Thorborg

Workshop & Class Descriptions

Workshops cover much more than just techniques and strategies, and are designed to have massage therapists return home with dramatically different approaches to working with tissue, no matter what kind of work you specialize in. It is important that each student obtains quality hands-on supervision to perfect the subtle aspects of biomechanics and touch. For this reason, class size will be limited to approximately 20 students, with one or two assistants in addition to the instructor.

Workshop Locations and Subject Matter

Most classes are held at the San Francisco School of Massage - 415 474-4600 ( in two sections:

  • Fundamentals of Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release - 5 days/40 hours over 2 weekends. It is possible to arrange to skip the last workshop day, which covers integration of the work into a conventional massage practice if students are traveling and prefer to shorten their trip. Most students who travel to the workshops spend the Monday through Friday time between the first two weekends vacationing in the San Francisco or North Coast. These classes cover the material in the first three of the DVDs.  We cover the entire body, but with an emphasis upon the more subjective aspects of touch, biomechanics, use of tools (fingers, knuckles, fists, forearms/elbows), palpation skills, and body positioning.
  • Advanced Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release - 5 days/40 hours. The Fundamentals workshop is a prerequisite, or special permission to enroll can be obtained from the instructor. Classes cover material in the final 4 DVDs and delve into much more detail on session planning with protocols on how to deal with specific issues encountered in a massage practice including injuries.

Other Massage Therapy Classes

Two or three times a year, classes will be held at other locations that will be listed on the website, and are often held in locations that allow students to take vacations while studying.  These classes combine aspects of the Fundamentals and the Advanced training, moving at a little faster pace and focusing upon the most important aspects of the longer trainings. If you would like to host a class, please contact Art Riggs at for details.

Recommended Courses by Other Teachers

There are countless excellent advanced massage continuing education courses and workshops offered by a wide range of teachers. I am not necessarily recommending the following people over other instructors, but I am familiar with the work of the following teachers and highly recommend their classes: Recommended Massage Teachers & Classes

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